Projects as a sidewoman

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Hello Louli

Johan Graden (SE) – piano

Kasper Agnas (SE) – guitar

Karoline Wallace (NO) – vocals

Héloïse Divilly (FR) – drums, compositions

Hello Louli play music written by drummer Heloïse Divilly who is from the Reunion Island outside of Madagascar. She studied in Paris and in Stockholm, the latter being where she met the remaining three band members. She is now a part of the French collective "Les Vibrants dé Frischeurs". Kasper Agnas, winner of the Montreux Jazz Electric Guitar Competition ‘17, and Johan Graden are both central, sought after musicians in Stockholm, known from bands such as Agnas Bros, Graden/Agnas/Fernqvist and many more.

The music is written with an experimental tone language, interpreted by four improvisers. The band's stage present and playfulness is highly appreciated by every audience.

They are releasing an album in the end of 2019, recorded 2018.


Silent Fires

“Spirituality” – in all its large meanings and declinations – is the inspiration of this new quartet born in Oslo. Silent Fires is a Norwegian-Italian electroacoustic ensemble, featuring singer Karoline Wallace, trumpet player Hilde Marie Holsen, violinist Håkon Aase and Italian pianist Alessandro Sgobbio, who is also the composer of the music.