My grandmother’s garden

Karoline's grandmother’s garden may look like any other garden, but the magic lies in that most of the plants grow from cuttings from various stages of her life, such as her childhood home, her daughter's wedding bouquet, trips around the world and much more. Karoline's music is built in the same way, with private and official recordings and ideas from before she was born as well as from today. Inspired by folk music, jazz and contemporary music she has composed for septet and recording.


Erik Kimestad - trumpet

Jonas Engel - saxophone and clarinet

Ida Nørby - cello

Thibault Gomez - prepared piano

Kristian Tangvik - tuba and tapes/ Zola Mennenöh - sampling Kristian Tangvik

Petter Asbjørnsen - double bass

Szymon Pimpon - drums

Karoline Wallace - vocals

Music coming soon….